Learn about Euroleague basketball betting features

Basketball is very popular among European bettors. Basketball betting features are similar to the Champions League football tournament. It has its own betting model and differences. Let’s see with 55BMW how to make money betting on this tournament and what playing strategies to use.

Basketball Betting Features

Basketball betting features
Basketball Betting Features

The number of participants changes constantly but this does not affect the approach to basketball betting features. Just consider the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent.

Some league points

Remember that some league points start from the regular season. Each club plays against its opponents at home and away. At the end of the season, the playoffs begin. Where the 8 best teams advance. Four contestants are eliminated from the quarterfinals. The “Final Four” round begins, consisting of 1/2 finals, a third-place match and a final.

Every year, new contenders emerge, they are clearly watched. The name of the same team flashes repeatedly. Before the start of the next Euroleague. It is imperative to study the composition of the leading teams to understand their potential.

Team Statistics

First of all, it is necessary to study how teams play at home and away. The home advantage is clearly evident here. Even average players score more than 50% of their wins.

This is away match statistics. This pattern needs to be taken into account. Even absolute favorites do not win away from home very often. And bookmaker analysts. Sometimes want to undervalue the away odds of a favorite in the league. When he plays away from home against an average farmer.

If in such a situation. The bettor is also actively loading the negative handicap of the away team leading the league. Then they can try to reduce the burden on the positive handicap of the home team. The main thing is that the receiving side does not have a crisis when playing the game. This is also one of the basketball betting features.

Player Statistics

Player Statistics
Player Statistics

It is necessary to know the statistics of basketball players to determine the captain and their presence in the lineup before the next game. Below is the data of all the players on the team.

Pts – How many points does a player score on average in a game.

2FG, 3FG and FT are the percentages of 2-point shots, 3-point shots and free throws respectively.

O and D – these are the number of rebounds of the ball under the basket of the opponent and yours.

T – total number of rebounds.

As – number of assists, followed by points.

St – number of blocks.

To – player lost the ball, etc.

The most important index is at the bottom of the table and is designated as “PIR” – player efficiency rating. The higher this index, the more useful the basketball player is. If you do not want to study the details of the team composition when analyzing the characteristics of basketball betting, you can study the “PIR” index of each athlete. Then consider the application of the game. Without some top players, the coach cannot come up with the optimal lineup for many reasons.

Current Level and Motivation

Current Level and Motivation
Current Level and Motivation

If you decide to include this point in your strategy. It would be a good idea to look at the statistics. On the performance of basketball players in recent meetings. This will allow you to understand the playing style and level. As well as the motivation of the leaders.

Bayern’s Situation

The current state of the club is evidenced by the results of recent meetings. It is clear that Bayern are in good form. They have been successful in the national championship and international competitions. And have only suffered defeats against the favorites in the Euroleague.

Fighting Motivation

How has the home team performed in recent home games. If they suffer a few defeats, the desire to win. And raise themselves in front of the fans will skyrocket.

What is the league position of the team and the opponent they are facing. When two clubs of equal strength meet. The motivation will be significantly lower for the team with a draw.

If in the first half of the season, the club loses to an opponent that is not stronger than itself. Then, in the return match, the motivation to win will skyrocket.

Working strategy

When planning a game. Remember that the Euroleague has the best representatives of their countries. Those who fight not only for themselves, but also for their homeland.

In the Euroleague, you can use all the methods described in the basketball betting characteristics. It is difficult to win all 4 rounds, even if the league leader welcomes a completely weaker team at home.

If a club wins the first three rounds. Then, in the last round, you should play on the losing side. And bet on their victory or simply give a positive handicap.


With the above sharing. Hopefully all readers have been able to learn more. Information about the characteristics of basketball betting features. As well as grasp the tournaments and strategies, motivation in this sport. Hope you have more useful information about the sport you love.

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